Even smaller: més petit!

22 Aug 2011

If the others were minibooks, are these microbooks?

In order to use some paper rests that were lying around I made these tiny books. It’s actually a little hard to work at this size… And even though they took so much to make, it’s not completely clear if it is humanly possible to write in them: I already tried it in one of the miniature books (which are twice the size of these ones) and it’s harder than I expected!

No worries though, at least they are useful as construction blocks.

By the way: we do have smiley keys!

Al menys serveixen per a construir castells i torres...

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  1. A mi me encatan los libritos, si estuviera en el berlinmarketholf me los compraria todos, y lo que tambien me encantan son las llaves sonrientes. Es un proyecto “estupeniu”, good luck :)

  2. Que jugueu a l’encara més difícil?

  3. I love these little books a must take home item to place on your book shelf. A great conversation piece. :)

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