Collaboration with The Kruch

7 Aug 2012

Los Cuentos de Ben, 1st edition

One day recently our friend and illustrator The Kruch came by to pay us a visit. We helped him put together a test print of one of a series of comic stories that he’d created. We also used one of his illustrations to put together a couple of notebooks and we think they turned out quite fine. We are looking forward to more collaborations with him!

The covers and the comic are printed on cardstock and plain A4 office paper was used for the pages of the notebooks. We sewed them with three hole pamphlet stitch and red linen thread.

One of the notebooks, the artist, the Kruch, and the inside of the 1st storybook

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Some others

7 Sep 2011

small Dos-à-dos

In a mad rush to use up all the paper we collected from various deposits around Berlin, Clayton glued together a bunch of sheets into perfect-bound blocks of various dimensions.  Thanks to his industriousness and Z’s ingenuity the world has the good fortune of more beautiful little books wandering around.  We didn’t manage to use every last scrap but we did a good job of it nonetheless.

A sad bit of news is that we lost the lovely little lino-cut stamp featuring our edicions cotton flower logo.  Now we have the sad fortune or perhaps shining opportunity of deciding to carve one anew, or digitise the old one from finished prints and send it off to a stamp-maker to laser engrave us a rubber version.  The benefit of the latter  is expediency but perhaps thereby we’d lose a bit of the artistic touch of the lino-cut.  We’ll see.

Clayton’s favourite is the fishy.  What’s yours?


A notebook covered with a poster found in the streets of BerlinFish fish (illustration by Violeta Lopiz

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Hello world!

6 Jul 2011

We´ve received a calling, through the smoke and shadows that twist up through the soil, from opposite ends of the Earth and received that message in the form of a tiny spark, a voice that pricks our skin and makes us shiver.  The charge, the task, the burden, the duty is to render unto the earthly masses of humanity a tool;   this tool a device of communication, of sharing, of caring, is something anyone can use to share themselves with the world at large and spread their voice to the ends of everything:  of course we´re talking about the book…

Whenever we can muster ourselves the will from within, we´ll endeavour to make  a variety of books, by hand, using traditional techniques, so that we can one day reach the point of quality that a master book binder/artist might achieve.  Of course, it all is a vehicle for our own creations and those of others and to add just a little bit more of something with a personal touch to this world.


La fascinació pels llibres i pel paper ens ha portat a aquest projecte d’autoaprenentatge en el fascinant món de l’enquadernació i l’autoedició.

Comencem fent petits llibres en blanc per anar aprenent diferents tècniques i a poc a poc anirem realitzant algunes de les nostres nombroses idees de petites publicacions.

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