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7 Sep 2011

small Dos-à-dos

In a mad rush to use up all the paper we collected from various deposits around Berlin, Clayton glued together a bunch of sheets into perfect-bound blocks of various dimensions.  Thanks to his industriousness and Z’s ingenuity the world has the good fortune of more beautiful little books wandering around.  We didn’t manage to use every last scrap but we did a good job of it nonetheless.

A sad bit of news is that we lost the lovely little lino-cut stamp featuring our edicions cotton flower logo.  Now we have the sad fortune or perhaps shining opportunity of deciding to carve one anew, or digitise the old one from finished prints and send it off to a stamp-maker to laser engrave us a rubber version.  The benefit of the latter  is expediency but perhaps thereby we’d lose a bit of the artistic touch of the lino-cut.  We’ll see.

Clayton’s favourite is the fishy.  What’s yours?


A notebook covered with a poster found in the streets of BerlinFish fish (illustration by Violeta Lopiz

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  1. Pues yo creo que ya todo es bastante artesanal y que si se trata de hacer algo más ecológico os podeis hacer el sello en lugar de goma con la típica patata, metodo ancestral y casero, como no creo que dure mucho y la tendreis que repetir de vez en cuando seguirá existiendo la diferencia cada unas cuantas unidades. Aunque lo del logo con patata tampoco creo que sea cosa rápida, con una plantilla?

  2. La llibreta dos-à-dos ha quedat ben maca, potser per la cartolina –ai que de vegades s’han de comprar les coses–; aviam si algun dia podem fer-ne una que sigui un –libre– amb aquelles coses que jo feia…

  3. M’agraden molt aquests tres! El meu preferit es el de dos a dos. La meva opinio es que us heu de fer un segell de goma. Ja l’heu fet?

  4. By the way! we found the stamp hiding behind some clamps!
    Per cert! hem trobat el segell amagat entre unes pinces!

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