Gina’s sketchbook

13 Nov 2011

100% reused materials on the making of this notebook

Once again some brown paper meant for the trash was the origin of this notebook’s creation. This brown piece of paper, that I found all wrinkled and in a ball, was very thankful that this new life has now been offered to it and I hope Gina finds something nice to write or draw on it.

The cover includes: a little paper wrapping bag, tea bags, kraft paper (thicker than the one used for the pages).
Inside: brown wrapping paper, sewn with linen thread.
All of this came together thanks to some cardboard (cereal boxes and such) and our best friend, white PVA glue.

The front coverThe backInside

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  1. Es tan maca! Encara no he decidit que posar-hi… ha de ser algo xulo… potser si que pot ser per a dibuixar. Gracies!!

  2. Stunning – love the teabag collaged on the cover! I use them myself … =D

    • Thank you!
      I actually like them so much it is a shame I don’t use tea bags myself and can only use the ones other people give me :)

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